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Hiring Problems? Solved.

Grab our 23 lesson "Hiring Crash Course", and a wealth of Bonus materials that I've never shared before, at a ridiculously crazy one-time-offer that you likely won't ever see again.

Small Business Owner? You've said...

  • "Finding¬†any¬†candidates even acceptable to hire,¬†much less qualified ones, is virtually impossible."
  • "Nobody really wants to work anymore!"
  • "It's all a fog when it comes to knowing what to ask as interview questions. (And what¬†can¬†you ask?)"
  • "Should we really bother doing reference checks anymore?"¬†


Let Me Ask Only This...

What if I could give you all the steps to hire correctly, that I used to build $2.5B sales channel?

And, offer you the fundamental training at a fraction of the cost of what we usually charge?


These core fundamental training elements are for any business owner or HR executive, to quickly learn the exact steps to take when hiring for your team. All in a systematic approach to growing your business with trustworthy, qualified personnel.

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Let me tell you why

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I'm David Lee Jensen, Founder of The Hiring Academy and several other start-ups with multi-million dollar exits. I've experienced the financial burden and felt the emotional impact of a bad hire. One thing I learned the hard way, along the way, was how to choose the right people. If there was only one piece of advice I ever gave, it would be this: Learn to hire right.

Do You Want To

Fast-Track Your Hiring Success?

You can't do it all yourself. You need help... the right help. I will teach you how to find the exact right person who can assist you to reduce your stress, your workload, and increase your profits.

For a Limited Time, you have the opportunity, to get my fast-pass system for hiring the right employees, before this special runs out, and the price returns to the normal price of $995.

Over 50,000 companies, big & small, trust us to help them confidently hire the right team.

Limited Time Only $497

What's Inside?


The definitive solution to understanding how to hire the right person the first time, and every time. Ripped right out of the full Hiring Academy.


Every lesson includes a quiz, to ensure full understanding, and practical exercises for application into your own company.


Bonus: Get the complete guide on the Cost of a bad hire, and the unseen impact, that just ONE can have on your wallet and your organization.


Bonus: THE NAKED INTERVIEW: Hiring Without Regret is yours, as a free bonus. This is ready to download to Kindle, or iPad, PDF, etc.


Bonus: See David Lee Jensen deliver the Ten Truths and success stories (and failures) at events around the world from your video library.


You'll get our exclusive Members Only newsletter. This will give you monthly reports on how the HR industry is pivoting in today's climate.

The Entire Bundle for a Crazy $497


A Grant Cardone Guide & Live Interview on Hiring

As a Billionaire real estate investor and the 10X Rule movement leader, Grant employs hundreds and demands they always remain motivated - here's how.

You will get Grant's 100 Ways to Get and Stay Motivated, the complete guide.

Then watch Grant put David Lee Jensen on-the-spot, with tough questions, during a live interview on his show Ask the Pro. Included you will see the Behind The Scenes of Grant inviting David Lee Jensen to meet his sales team. And tell them how The Hiring Academy brings incredible value to Cardone University members.

These Extras Valued at $500 (but really priceless)

All the Basics You Need

  • A Member's-Only Virtual Classroom -¬†Instant access to learn at your own pace.
  • An Easy-To-Follow Curriculum -¬†Simply start at the beginning, and the course lessons are in sequence to ensure you achieve mastery.
  • 10 Hiring Truths -¬†Learn these core truths to gain full confidence and ability in hiring the right person the first time, and every time.¬†(All in just One Hour!)
  • Instant Application For Your Business -¬†Gain full ability to understand and apply each lesson directly to your own business.
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes -¬†Learn how to identify great candidates and assess how productive, trustworthy, and capable they are even before the interview.
Returns to $995 after this Limited Time Offer ends
Grab The Bundle Now for $497

Still Have Questions?

Success & Results from Our Students

"This course jolted me into seeing where I’ve been lax, and given-up on the hiring process. It gave me immediate action items to apply in our business and I already know we’ll get better people"

- Jennifer, Property Developer COO

"The Hiring Crash Course nailed it! Finally I have confidence in my Managers hiring someone I too can trust; and this applies to all of my franchise locations."

- Todd, Jamba Juice Franchise Holder

"No punches were held back in this course. David was crystal clear about being diligent, not desperate, so that I was able to take real responsibility for my business."

- Carl, Telecom CEO

Everything Together. Last Chance.

  • News Insider - You'll get¬†our exclusive Members Only newsletter.
  • Crash Course -¬†How to hire the right person the first time, and every time.
  • Course Workbook -¬†Practical exercises for application into your own company.
  • Cost of Bad Hires -¬†The unseen impact, that just one can have on your wallet and your organization.
  • More Bonuses -¬†Too many to list here. The Grant Cardone guide, the free books, and videos, and more added regularly.
Returns to $995 after this Limited Time Offer ends
Grab The Bundle Now for $497